Software Engineer - Photographer


About Me

Hi, I am Jeff Simons Decena, Software Engineer by profession and a Photographer by heart. I love working on different web and mobile development projects and at the same time, capturing beautiful sceneries and happy faces. On weekdays, I work in Ortigas Philippines doing web and mobile applications while on most weekends, I take photography with my wife covering family events.

Not so distant time ago, I have worked on a digital agency in Singapore for almost three years hence if you are a Singaporean company / personal client, you could still contact me as I still have few connection for you and me to work with. 

Currently, I am taking my Master's Degree in Information Communications Technology (MSICT) at University of the City of Manila (PLM).

I do E-Commerce, Wordpress CMS and Custom Software development using php framework such as Codeigniter and Laravel as part of the rapid development. If you have projects do not hesitate to contact me!

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